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How to check whether your charity can choose to have its accounts independently examined instead of audited

The trustees will usually be able to choose an independent examination instead of an audit if your charity’s gross income is:

> more than £25,000, but not more than £1 million, provided that

> if its gross income is more than £250,000, its gross assets (fixed assets plus current assets) are £3.26 million or less

The trustees will not be able to choose an independent examination if the charity’s governing document, a funder or the Commission requires an audit to be carried out.

How to check whether your charity can choose to have its accounts independently examined instead of audited

The examiner must be independent of the charity. Independence means that the examiner must not be influenced, or could not be perceived to be influenced, by their relationships with the charity and its trustees. Therefore, the examiner cannot be a trustee of the charity. Independence is not the same as having no connection with the charity. An examiner can be a supporter of the charity, provided that they do not have a close relationship with the charity or its trustees and they are not involved in the day to day administration of the charity. Examples of situations that would call an examiner’s independence into question are where they:

are an employee of the charity or its book-keeper

serve on a sub-committee overseeing the charity’s finances

are a major donor to, or beneficiary of, the charity

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